Avoiding conflict in the business setting can be unconstructive, unauthentic and puts you above the needs of the business. When dealing with conflict it’s important to keep calm, stay constructive, and to focus on being objective and clear. When we take the focus off fear or emotion, we make room for productive dialogue. There are a few ways to stay objective. Make requests and use observations rather than labels. Remain approachable and non-judgmental. When a conflict arises, practice being calm. Give yourself 48 hours to evaluate your triggers before you take action.


As a public relations professional, I am constantly faced with conflict. Most often the conflict is not with me directly, but between a public and individual or organization. So much of the practice I have in dealing with conflict is between others. The few times that I have been faced with personal conflict, remaining objective and calm were instrumental toward a resolution. I would also agree that remaining approachable and non-judgmental provide necessary space for considering opposing perspectives. This isn’t always easy when pride or passion is involved.


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