About Studio West

Studio West is a public relations agency dedicated to promoting businesses from Northern California to Central Oregon. We are a creative collective with decades of experience managing relationships, bringing visibility to our clients, and actively engaging community.

Our mission is to help organizations who value authenticity, empathy and community cut through the noise. In a world of distractions, it’s time to get noticed. We strive for excellence by doing our homework, analyzing the data, testing results and planning for the curve ball. But being prepared is just half the battle. We are human and value relationships above and beyond the details. That is our why.

Studio West is designed to be an extension to your team, to support and guide you in the adventure of realizing your vision.

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Our Why

  • Memories give life meaning
  • Authenticity creates a thriving community

Value Proposition

  • Cultivate Connection
  • Convert Followers
  • Improve Metrics
  • Share Experiences
  • Inspire Participation
  • Brand Visibility
  • Compelling Stories
  • Consistent Messaging
  • Authentic Voice
  • Influencer Stewardship

Christy Gentry, Founder

Christy is a visionary storyteller with proven success in relationship management, improving communication channels and identifying stakeholder interests.

With nearly a decade of experience working in communications, she is an insightful executive strategist with strong ethics and a hardy sense of humor. Her expertise is in directing marketing communications, public relations & media, and brand visibility. Christy is instrumental in developing tactical and innovative multi-channel approaches that result in quantifiable success and is adept in performing within dynamically changing business environments requiring focused decision-making.

She holds a Master’s in Communication from Northwestern University and a Bachelor’s in Marketing from Sonoma State University. She is a member of Professional Marketing Group (PMG) North Bay and was a director for 2 years. Christy was the executive team Secretary during her second term.

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